Training & Certification

Knowledge sharing – Get the best out of your people

Stringent quality requirements place high demands on your production process, but also on your people. By sharing best practices, we bring grinding fundamentals and essential know-how to your work floor.

We provide a comprehensive training and certification program. From process management to hands-on grinding skills. From applying benchmark NDT Barkhausen Noise Analysis and X-ray diffraction technologies to getting full control over your grinding process.

Our training helps you take quality to a next level by enabling your people to apply best-practice know-how.

All training is customized to fit your company’s and your people’s specific needs. We teach junior engineers the fundamentals of grinding. And we give experienced process engineers the opportunity to deepen their process management know-how and apply benchmark optimization tools.


  • Put theory into practice: hands-on, on-site training
  • Understand how to solve grinding burn
  • Boost production output
  • Made-to-measure to your company’s needs
  • Adapted to the level of participants
  • Certified grinding training

  • Cooling dictation and training

  • Process stability training

  • EN-4179 Barkhausen analysis

Certified Grinding Training

Grinding Training

INNOGRIND provides practice-based grinding (burn) training on your premises. Our training program is made-to-measure to match both your company’s needs and the level of the participants. In all cases, acquired skills will help your people solve grinding burn problems and other process challenges using simple tools. All participants receive a certificate at the end of the training.

Thermal Defect Detection for Aerospace

INNOGRIND supports the full implementation and integration of Barkhausen Noise Analysis for thermal defect detection (grinding burn) at your plant. We train Level 3 inspectors for the Level 2 Magnetic Barkhausen Inspection Certificate, making them fully EN 4179 certified.

EN 4179 is the European Standard in aerospace which establishes the minimum requirements for the qualification and certification of personnel performing non-destructive testing (NDT), non-destructive inspection (NDI), or non-destructive evaluation (NDE) in the aerospace manufacturing, service, maintenance and overhaul industries.

Cooling & Filtration training

During the life cycle of coolant (oil or water based emulsions), a fluid’s cooling, flushing and lubricating properties diminish. Despite advanced coolant formulations, issues with coolant fluids are the cause of thermal damage and system failure. In fact, issues within the coolant can rapidly lead to much bigger problems.

Our Cooling & Filtration training is the proven method to help your people get grip on cooling fluid issues.

This 1-day, hands-on course provides your maintenance engineers the know-how required to analyse cooling fluid on-site. Participants learn how to carry out routine coolant analysis to verify that the right coolant is in service, with the correct chemical balances. They also learn to check the integrity of the cooling system and that it has not been compromised by mechanical issues.

Process Stability Training

Creating, monitoring, and maintaining process stability enhances your product reliability performance. This is our training for process engineers and production managers looking to acquire or brush up on skills required to maximize process stability.

During a 2-day on-site training, participants learn how to collect and analyze relevant process data. Based on manageable machining parameters, they acquire insights how to optimize processes and ensure process stability through early detection.

Barkhausen Analysis

Barkhausen Noise Analysis is the only tool available for detecting grinding burn under chromium layers in vital aerospace applications. It is effectively used for the detection of grinding burn and heat treatment defects in landing gears and carriage assys in the aerospace, bearing, gear and automotive industries.

This 1-day, on-site training is for Q&A managers and process engineers who want to familiarize themselves with the benefits of Barkhausen Noise Analysis and learn how to apply it to optimize and stabilize your manufacturing process. With the skills acquired during the training, participants will be able to detect potential causes of thermal damage, thereby minimizing product recall.