Getting the best out of your processes and people

If you’re looking to bring better products, to happier clients at lower cost, we can help you. From collecting grinding process data, to process optimization and maintenance, through to knowledge sharing. Our comprehensive solution gets the best out of your people and processes.

Grinding Process Management

  • Grip on your grinding process

  • Production process flaws detected and resolved

  • Periodic inspection & Maintenance taken care off

Training & Certification

  • Customized grinding process training

  • Training on your premises

  • In-house grinding knowledge secured

Grinding Process Management

Get a grip on your grinding processes and know what is needed for process optimization. We detect the possible causes of grinding burn and other process flaws before they happen.

As grinding process experts, we know what works best, but also where things can go wrong. Based on an in-depth analysis of your process data, we provide you with clear recommendations and solutions to achieve your business goals.

  • Grinding scan & analysis
  • Grinding process optimization
  • Periodic monitoring, optimization & maintenance

Training & Certification

Get the best out of your people by knowledge sharing. Our customized training brings best-practice insights to your work floor. We provide a full training and certification program, ranging from fundamental grinding skills to Grinding Process Management.

  • Grinding burn: Certified Grinding Training
  • Cooling: Detection & Training
  • Process Stability Training
  • EN-4179 | Aerospace NDT magnetic Barkhausen Noise Analysis


Cooling additives in grinding

Coolant nozzle

KLM maintenance & engineering

Root cause analysis