Measurement and cooling

Maximizing your process output

Faster processes and higher product quality at lower costs: the pressure is on to produce more for less, but at the same highest quality level. Process stability and optimal cooling to avoid thermal damage are key to delivering on your promise.

INNOGRIND offers you a complete range of state-of-the-art measurement technologies and cooling nozzles that will keep even your most challenging grinding process performing to the max.

X-ray diffraction


Optimization and process stability

Avoid product recall through early detection. Keep your production process up and running. Early detection of process flaws is key. We use advanced NDT Barkhausen Analysis and X-ray diffraction technologies to optimize your grinding processes.

These technologies – as well as material structure analysis – are applied by our experts to find the root cause of possible failures. In addition, constant monitoring using real-time data analysis ensures highest quality output. We apply data analysis for process optimization.

  • Barkhausen Noise Analysis
  • X-ray diffraction (XRD)
  • Hole drilling (PRISM)

Coolant Nozzles

3D-printed standard and customized nozzles for optimized cooling

Preventing thermal damage to components requires the right coolant flow rate through optimally shaped nozzles. We supply and fit the right 3D-printed INNOZL™ nozzle to help you improve product quality, reduce water and chemical use and cut back on downtime. Choose from our standard INNOZL™ range or have your cooling nozzle made-to-measure for best performance in even the most complex, high-end grinding processes. All our nozzles are easy-fit to ensure your production is back on track fast.

Increasingly, precision components have to meet the most stringent quality levels. Thanks to our INNOZL™ cooling solutions and grinding burn services, our clients deliver highest quality on time.

3D-printed standard nozzles
3D-printed custom nozzles

3d printing innozl

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