EMO Hannover

Innogrind present at the EMO Hannover

Exhibitors travel to EMO Hannover from all over the world and from all sectors of metalworking technology. With a share of foreign exhibitors running at approximately 60%, EMO Hannover is the world's most international metalworking trade fair.…
worn out dressing tool

Top 5 root causes of grinding burn

Grinding burn or thermal damage is a common cause of machine or engine component failure. When grinding heat is not quickly detected and removed by a suitable cooling solution, it can have a big impact on the service life of the product. In…

Persconferentie 7 mei - Amsterdam

EMO Hannover brengt in september 2019 het volledige spectrum van metaalbewerkingstechniek naar Hannover. Op dinsdag 7 mei organiseert Hannover Consultancy B.V. een persconferentie voor Nederlandse vakjournalisten in The Dylan Amsterdam. Jos van Langh van Innogrind zal gastspreker zijn!
Barkhausen noise analysis

Barkhausen analysis acceptance criteria (rejection limits)

Helping customers out setting Barkhausen acceptance criteria is one of the competences we provide. Download the complete guidelines for creating reference parts for Barkhausen Noise Analysis for Rollscan systems.

Innogrind brochure

The Innogrind brochure explains why to detect thermal damage in an early stage | how to solve grinding burn | why to train your people on grinding burn prevention

INNOZL™ introduction in South Korea 2019

South Korea has a wide variety of industries, among that tool grinding, automotive, gear, aerospace and bearing industry. Innogrind visited several companies together with partner Stomax Global.

New year - New office

As the year ends, we find ourselves reflecting on the past year and those who have helped to grow our business. We start the new year in a new office that fits our growth. We have found a new space close to the automotive campus in Helmond.
Grinding burn training

Grinding training at KLM Engineering & Maintenance

Innogrind has again provided a Barkhausen training at KLM Royal Dutch Airlines recently. A case study that was done together with Innogrind in the past revealed that Barkhausen Noise Analysis is the only NDT method to discover grinding burn under a chrome layer. The question has been asked to upgrade quality engineers skills in this NDT technique.
Grinding burn detection

How does a coolant nozzle work?

To prevent grinding burn or thermal damage, production processes need the right coolant flow rate to achieve adequate cooling. Among other demands, this requires coolant nozzles with optimum geometry and exceptional durability. The use of 3D printing gives us complete freedom to design custom coolant nozzles. Check out the video how it works!

Innogrind is moving

Due to the growth of our company Innogrind moves to a new office in Helmond. The office location hosts many technical and commercial orientated SMEs’ and gives us the full professional support which we need. Our internal sales and administration team will give the full support you can expect.
Logo Innogrind

Innogrind Rebranding

Welcome to the completely new Innogrind website. In the last months we have updated our branding to the next level. After getting feedback from our customers we took the time to investigate where we missed the sweet spot. Since we take customer feedback very seriously, we decided it was time for the next step.