Welcome to the completely new Innogrind website. In the last months we have updated our branding to the next level. After getting feedback from our customers we took the time to investigate where we missed the sweet spot. Since we take customer feedback very seriously, we decided it was time for the next step. In July we started collaborating with an agency specialized in digital marketing and communications for Tech and B2B business, Tech to Market. Innogrind and Tech to Market found each other during gatherings at 24 uur in bedrijf. This B2B network in Eindhoven area hosts many tech orientated companies.


So, what’s new? You probably noticed our new website is live. This website undertook a complete redesign and restructure of Innogrind’s proposition and is integrated with all needed digital marketing tools in the background. Next to our website our logo got an evolution by Teamenzo. Our branding is now representative for the high level of quality we deliver in our products and services.


Now that you are looking at our new website the intention is to experience how the knowledge of Innogrind and its partners can support you towards the challenges of detecting and solving grinding burn issues. This new website will be the start of a completely new way how to approach coolant supply 4.0.  As our customer you will experience in the near future how it feels to create your own products, to your demands and your needs.


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Tech to Market
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