KLM Royal Dutch Airlines ready for take off

Innogrind has again provided a Barkhausen training at KLM Royal Dutch Airlines recently. A case study that was done together with Innogrind in the past revealed that Barkhausen Noise Analysis is the only NDT method to discover grinding burn under a chrome layer. The question has been asked to upgrade quality engineers skills in this NDT technique.

For many years, KLM uses this technique for the evaluation of their grinding processes, using the Stresstech Rollscan300 and various sensors. This NDT technique has proven to be an indispensable link in the assessment of grinding burn. KLMs’ grinding machine operators, quality engineers and NDT inspectors are very skilled as it comes to detecting and preventing grinding burns.

INNOZL™ has been implemented at KLM for specific ID grinding operations. This shows the turn-key solution Innogrind offers, detecting as well as solving thermal issues in grinding. 

 Barkhausen Noise Analysis training is provided by Innogrind at a various number of international airlines, e.g. at MRO facilities for landing gears.

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