Grinding Process Management

What can you do to secure an optimal grinding process?

Have an expert review your grinding process. Even if your performance is acceptable, our experts can help you improve product quality, minimize waste and reduce downtime. How? By giving you total insight and control over your grinding processes. Our measurement and analysis tools collect, analyze and store relevant data and important process parameters.

Process Analysis

Why wait till quality assurance gives their thumbs up? It could cost you unwanted delays and interruptions. Know what your challenges in the grinding process are before issues occur.

Using high-end test and measurement tools, our experts carry out scans so that you know what needs to be done to minimize the chance of grinding burn and optimize your processes.

Process optimizations

Avoid product recall and keep your production process up and running through early detection. Key to doing so is by applying manageable machining parameters.

We use advanced Barkhausen Noise Analysis, PRISM and X-ray diffraction technologies to establish such parameters. In addition we apply GrindoSonic evaluation. For root cause analysis our experts also apply material structure analysis.

Constant monitoring of your coolant – based on real-time data analysis – ensures you best-quality output and a longer machine life. In addition, acoustic grinding wheel evaluation brings you optimum process stabilisation.

Monitoring & Maintenance

INNOGRIND’s total solution includes the monitoring and maintenance of your grinding process. Regular inspections and maintenance will eliminate the most frequent causes of failures, but also minimize costly downtime. We monitor and document your process time, so that real-time and historic data are used to fine-tune your process for exceptional performance.