Coolant nozzles

Coolant nozzles to prevent thermal damage

To prevent grinding burn or thermal damage, production processes need the right coolant flow rate to achieve adequate cooling. Among other demands, this requires coolant nozzles with optimum geometry and exceptional durability. The use of 3D printing gives us complete freedom to design custom coolant nozzles. Our coolant nozzles, called INNOZL™, meet these requirements. Aided by advanced analytical software, we are able to customize the geometry to specific machines and machining processes.

Our cooperation with OEM’s has taught us to quickly respond to market developments.  Therefore is a turnaround time of just 10 to 15 working days no exception. This starts from engineering to delivery for our 3D printed INNOZL™. Alongside our custom solutions, we also offer our standard series, which are directly available from stock. Our standard coolant nozzles have a straight layout for cylindrical grinding, surface grinding and through-feed centreless grinding.

3D printing for perfection

In today’s drive for sustainable and reliable production techniques, it has become unthinkable to produce a coolant nozzle by the machining, milling and gluing together of separate components.

Production processes often require high pressures in order to achieve the necessary coolant delivery rate. That is why Innogrind uses 3D printing technology. The 3D printing process, also known as Additive Manufacturing (AM), gives us total form freedom in the design of our unique INNOZL™.

In the printing process, successive thin layers of material powder are laser-welded to each other. Parts are built up layer by layer, enabling highly complex external and internal geometries and shapes to be built.

There is no other process by which these geometries can be produced. Because the powder is fully melted, the resulting metal part (e.g. 316L stainless steel or Titanium alloy) is just as strong as regular parts from the same material.

Cooling nozzles

Our cooling nozzles, called INNOZL™, are designed for precision grinding.
Why is this important? 

  •  INNOZL™ kills grinding burn by delivering coolant directly onto the contact zone at an equal flow rate and speed per nozzle outlet to maximize the lubricoolant effect
  • INNOZL™ is designed with internal flow channel geometry that optimizes the flow speed and direction for complex, high end grinding processes
  • INNOZL™ ia compact, one-piece accessory that can be easily mounted onto existing machines

Resulting in:

  • Grinding burn virtually eliminated
  • Higher product quality for lower production cost
  • Increased product lifespan
  • Reduced internal stress in product
  • Reduced spindle power consumption
  • Higher grinding speeds enabled for greater throughput
  • Savings on power costs for coolant processing

Custom nozzles

The 3D printed INNOZL™ CD line consists of one or more nozzles that are developed for a specific application (e.g. Internal grinding). Modern analytical software makes the engineering process relatively fast. The objective is to ensure an identical coolant flow rate per outlet. The 3D printing method supports a flexible production process. We provide you with simple tools to simplify the collection of process data such as coolant speed and flow rate.

NEW: Highly flexible INNOZL™ for Gleason Pfauter TITAN due to INNOZL™ technology.

  • Resulting in a reduced production time without grinding burns
  • Quick change nozzle system to continuous grinding operations
  • Minimized chances of collision using one nozzle setup-system

Available modules
m1-5 | m5-10 m10-20 | +m20 on request

Standard nozzles

The 3D printed INNOZL™ STL line consists of several straight nozzles.

STL mini
Available from stock
Widths: 5 – 20 mm
Heights: 56 mm
Connection: 1/4”
Material: titanium
Design: Compact

available from stock
Widths: 15 – 100 mm
Heights: 75 mm
Connection: 3/8”
Material: titanium
Design: Compact

Hirt-Line coolant pipes

For optimal results, we install INNOZL™ in combination with Hirt-Line pipes. Hirt-Line stainless steel coolant pipes combine flexibility and rigidity and are made for a long service life. The individual parts are of a high-precision design and are resistant to high temperatures and chemical agents. All parts are easily screwed together by hand and can be readily modified, extended or shortened. Once assembled, the geometry of the coolant pipework is unaffected by machine movements and vibrations or the coolant itself. The system is suitable for up to 100 bar pressure and can be mounted on any turning, milling or grinding machine.

hirtline logo Innogrind

The coolant nozzles ordered have now been tested and all parts are Nital etched.
There are 51/51 components without any indication. Thank you again for this wonderful coolant nozzle. 

Markus PartzschEngineer at Liebherr-Aerospace Lindenberg GmbH

Besides our coolant solutions, we also help our customers with detecting grinding burn and train their employees to prevent grinding burn in the future.

Would you like to have more information about our nozzles, are you interested in our 3D printing process or would you like to buy a stadard or custom nozzle? Get in touch with us.