Coolant nozzle

Barkhausen Noise Analysis – benchmark analysis of coolant additives in the grinding process 

The challenge

Our customer wanted to know whether it was possible to optimize a coolant fluid in a grinding process using Barkhausen Noise Analysis. The two main issues which they wanted evaluated were grinding burn and reducing oil mist to a minimum. In addition, although their process was stable, the customer wanted to test the effectiveness of a new coolant fluid. 

The analysis


Process concerned:

Continuous generating grinding of gears for automotive industry on Reishauer RZ260.

Part: Gear common rail pump
Material: 18CroNiMo7-6
Hardness: 59 Hrc (60-62)Heat treatment: Case Depth Eht: 0,5-0,8 Mod. 2,8
Coolant new to test: ISO CUT LG10 (S) (Gas To Liquid) Petrofer
Current coolant: ISOCUT TU Mineral Oil Petrofer
Grinding wheel: Winterthur 93N80 J18YPLF68

The filtration reservoir of 5000l was filled with a basic oil. During the following 12 hours additives were added and Barkhausen measurements done. Adding the additivities (Sulphur, Phosphor etc.) to the basic oil, we detected a drop in the Barkhausen signal. At the start, the MP signal was far above the rejection limit set in advance. The counter expertise was done using Nital Etch (in a later stage by XRD).

The findings

By applying Barkhausen Noise Analysis, we were able to detect the changes in material structure –including micro structure, hardness and stress – using different cooling fluid additives.


The solution

INNOGRIND gave the customer the opportunity to analyse and optimise their high-volume manufacturing and grinding process and adjust both cooling nozzles and fluid for maximum performance.

The results

The results were immediate for our customer, with optimised process stability and analysis tools to detect degradation of the beneficial properties of the coolant fluid used.  


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