The challenge

During production of PCD and CBN tools heat is a challenge to avoid, or at least to minimize. Van Frankenhuyzen in Lexmond (The Netherlands) is a world leading producer of these PCD and CBN mills. The challenge given to us by Van Frankenhuyzen was, process stability and no chipping for 24/7 production. The connection with van Frankenhuyzen goes back for over 20 years. During the first steps of the development of the INNOZL™ coolant nozzles they were the ones who believed in it from the start, knowing that the reduction of heat is key to make PCD and CBN tools, and carbide tools. Reed more about the misunderstandings in PCD and CBN tool grinding and learn how to challenge them.

The analysis

In general, first we had to print in peoples mind that coolant speed does matter and coolant itself is not only there to do a ‘little lubrication’. After the audit, evaluation velocity and flow, Jan van Frankenhuyzen was convinced about a small update to the (of what we at Innogrind believe) newest standard in process and cooling approach. At Van Frankenhuyzen they are always looking for ways to make their lives easier. Not that they are lazy people, not at all, but always looking to be ahead in assuring process stability to have grip on their processes. This tool,, is one the tools for customers which they developed some years ago, no compromises whatsoever as you can experience.

The findings

  • Machine manufacturers for PCD and CBN tool tell their customers that:
  • cooling fluid is only needed for a little lubrication… How wrong can they be?
  • coolant speed is not something to look at… How wrong can they be again?
  • coolant is… Why is it called coolant anyway?

Evaluation of the existing process gave us a starting point. Many litres of oil were flooding the process at low speed.

Thermal degradation

Due to heat development during grinding the thermal degradation of PCD starts earlier as you think. Temperatures have to stay far below 500°!
Temperatures between the work piece and grinding wheel can easily reach 1000° when cooling is not properly applied. Chipping due to heat development at these temperatures will be the case. Coolant has to cool, flush and lubricate.

The solution for carbide tools

The challenge at Van Frankenhuyzen with INNOZL™ started 5 years ago with a flute grinding operation on carbide tools. Producing carbide tools with micro grit diamond wheels having no wear. This was our mission to achieve. The right nozzle was manufactured to bring coolant where it is needed. Cooling at the right speed and cleaning the grinding wheel. The amount “flooding” of oil and coolant speed were optimized by installing INNOZL™ coolant nozzles.

The results

  • No wear
  • Cool grinding
  • No chipping
  • No cracks
  • Thermal stability
  • Great process stability 24/7
  • Better filtration (due to coolant flow reduction)

The solution for PCD tools

The amount ‘flooding’ of oil and coolant speed were optimized by installing INNOZL™ coolant nozzles.

Okay with INNOZL™ (at 100x magnification)

Rejected tool with Loc-Line (at 100x magnification)

The result

  • Stable production processes
  • No chipping
  • Production increase
  • Optimized grip on processes
  • Quality products, zero reject
  • Potentials in power saving and smaller pumps and filtration units