Helping customers out setting Barkhausen acceptance criteria is one of the competences we provide. BNA (Barkhausen Noise Analysis) is based on a disruptive magnetisation/demagnetisation of a ferromagnetic material when applying an external magnetic field. To work with this method reference samples need to be made. The reference samples (master samples) and work piece must be comparable at all times, so these important rules have to be taken into account.

1. Same material (e.g. 100Cr6)

2. Same heat treatment

3. Same mechanical operation (e.g. grinding, milling)

Referencing to Barkhausen Analysis can be done by using e.g. nital etch, micro Vickers method. As process owner you are the one who sets the limits. We will help you with the interpretation and process settings.

Curious how this Barkhausen ViewScan plot below can help you?
Download the complete guidelines for creating reference parts for Barkhausen Noise Analysis for Rollscan systems.