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Na het doorlopen van de cursus Slijpen basis online kent u de verschillende slijpprocessen, kunt u de werkmethode bepalen en bent u in staat eenvoudige producten te bewerken door middel van rond-, vlak- en profielslijpen.
Bedrijfsspecifieke vraagstukken kunnen vooraf worden ingediend en kunnen mogelijk worden opgenomen.

4 bijeenkomsten van 18.00 tot 21.30 uur | Subsidiemogelijkheden | Cursusprijs excl. BTW €1295,- | Meer informatie

Grip on your grinding process

You know that higher and predictable output at lower cost is key to staying competitive. That is why you continue to look for ways to optimize your grinding process. Delivering the best quality components is also key to staying competitive.

That is why you continue to look for ways to guarantee the highest quality products free from thermal damage. INNOGRIND gives you full control over your grinding process. Our customers in the automotive and aerospace industries – as well as specialized bearing, gear and tool manufacturers – daily rely on our total solution for grinding process optimization.

Threats of thermal damage in grinding processes

Grinding burn is a common cause of machine or engine component failure. Grinding is an industrial process that generates considerable heat, which causes thermal damage. If this heat is not quickly detected and properly handled, it has an adverse effect on the fatigue life and the dynamic load limits. This has a negative result on the production output by which staying competitive gets compromised.

What’s in it for you

A total solution for grinding process optimization

We provide a comprehensive and manageable process control solution that makes your grinding process safe, sustainable and reliable. Our total solution is your key to lower costs: with full process control, optimization and predictable process maintenance. We share our insights and know-how to help you achieve a next-to-zero rejection rate.

Training & Best practice sharing (people)

We help you create a safer work place and enable your process engineers to excel.

Sharing best practices will help to create a better future together.

We give your engineers the right tools to take timely measures to prevent issues. We do so by putting theory into practice.

Achieve sustainable success (planet)

Embrace sustainability. From minimizing waste to fine tuning of resources.

Our solutions ensure you produce more using less.

Significantly reduce the use of chemicals for a safer work place and a greener planet.

Optimize your grinding process (profit)

Achieve a close-to-zero rejection rate.

Improve your margins and stay competitive in a challenging market.

We analyze, measure, monitor and improve your grinding performance based on real-time data.

Happy customers


“After Innogrind brought grinding solutions to KLM Engineering and Maintenance, they trained our employees and shared best practices in grinding and Barkhausen Noise Analysis. In this way, grinding burn expertise was brought in-house at our facility and optimal production throughput and grinding burn detection were secured. Their total solution makes Innogrind a great and valuable partner.”

Maarten Ottevanger & Sander HagemanEngine Repair Design Engineer & Metallurgical Engineer at KLM Engineering & Maintenance