Grinding burn detection

Who we are

Innogrind provides a total solution for grinding burn problems. We detect thermal damage, provide 3D printed coolant nozzles and train our customers on site in best-practice grinding burn methods. Our 30 years of know-how gives us the advantage to help our customers solve grinding burn problems.

Threats of thermal damage

Grinding burn is a common cause of machine or engine component failure. Grinding is an industrial process that generates considerable heat, which causes thermal damage. If this heat is not quickly removed by a suitable cooling process, it has an adverse effect on the service life of your machine and the quility of your product.

Prevention of grinding burn

To solve the challenging problem of grinding burn, Innogrind applies more than 30 years of grinding technology know-how. By using high-end measurement and analysis techniques, we are able to investigate and understand the dynamics of specific grinding processes. This enables us to improve and optimize the grinding process.

Total solution for grinding burn

Grinding burn detection


Detect grinding burn to optimize your grinding process without loss of mass production


On premise detection with high end measurement techniques such as Barkhausen noise analysis & X-ray Diffraction


An advisory report on where and how to reduce or prevent thermal damage

Coolant Solutions


Prevent grinding burn with maximum efficiency in cooling technology


Deliver the coolant precisely at the exact place it needs to be in the process with Custom and Standard INNOZL™ technology


Optimized production capacity and increased quality of the end-products

Grinding burn training


Continue grinding burn prevention to extend product lifetime


On-site training of your employees with best-practices in grinding burn detection and prevention. The training is adapted to the level of participants and company needs


In-house knowhow. Secure optimal machinery use and production throughput

Solve grinding burn – Prevent thermal damage

  • Increased product quality

  • No thermal softening

  • Avoiding failures in dynamically loaded, critical components

  • Extended lifetime of your parts

  • Less residual stress in your parts

  • Avoiding claims of your customers not having to do reworking of the job

Industries and clients

Our coolant solutions and grinding burn services meet the needs of companies who deal with delivery times which are getting shorter by the day and those who deal with quality assurance of precision components. Our coolant nozzles have a perfect fit for the following industries:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Gear
  • Manufacturing
  • Molding
  • Bearing

“After Innogrind brought solutions to our grinding demands at KLM Engineering and Maintenance, they trained our employees and shared best practices in grinding and Barkhausen Noise Analysis.

By these means grinding burn expertise was brought in-house at our KLM facility and optimal production through put and grinding burn detection was secured.

Offering a total solution like that makes Innogrind a great and valuable partner for us.”

Maarten Ottevanger & Sander HagemanEngine Repair Design Engineer & Metallurgical Engineer at KLM Engineering & Maintenance